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Our Team

At UMC we are a dedicated team of medical professionals, Doctors and Nurses, working together to make a difference in the lives of our patients.  

UMC Directors

Dr. TrilokNath Sharma,B.I.A.M, M.D [A.M]
Managing Director

Mr. Anurag Sharma

Executive Director



UMC Doctors

Dr. TrilokNath Sharma, B.I.A.M, M.D [A.M]
Chelation Consultant

Dr. Vijay Verma, M.D. Physician
Chief Cartography Specialist – 3DCCG, General Consultant


UMC Staff

Mrs. Aasma Sharma

Administrator / General Coordinator                      

Mr. Dixit Sharma

Accounts officer

Miss. KusumWalia
Chief Chelation Nurse      

Miss. Roopal Sharma
Front Office/ Chelation Nurse

Miss. PriyankaMinhas
Chelation Nurse

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur
Chelation Nurse

Miss. JyotiWalia
Cartography technician and Chelation Nurse

Miss.Devindra Thakur

Mrs.Meena Devi